SERVA – For more than 60 years, SERVA has been providing innovative products and services to the research community in the life sciences market.

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SERVA offers a broad range of biochemicals. All SERVA products are subject to stringent quality control to meet the specifications as stated in the Certificate of Analysis provided with each product shipped. Based on the Total Quality Management System, certified ISO 9001:2008, each step in the process of materials management is recorded and documented, lot by lot.
Sample Preparation
Reliable, efficient and easy sample preparation is one of the most crucial steps for achieving optimal and reproducible results in all tasks of protein and nucleic acid analysis. SERVA reagents for sample preparation include Detergents, Protease Inhibitors, Phosphatase Inhibitors, Enzymes and Dialysis Tubings. Additionally, SERVA offers highly user-friendly kits, serving as tools for protein isolation, purification and quantification like SERVA BluePrep Kits, IMAC and Glutathione agarose resins, CentriPure and CentriSpin Gel Filtration Columns and Kits forProtein Quantification
As the leading manufacturer of speciality reagents for isoelectric focusing, SERVA has expertise in providing SERVALYT™ PRECOTES™ precast gels, FocusGels and SERVALYT™ carrier ampholytes. SERVA has expanded the range by introducing precast mini slab gels SERVAGel™ TG PRiME™ (10 x 10 cm) for SDS PAGE and for Clear and Blue Native PAGE. HPE™ – „High Performance Electrophoresis“ is the key technology resolving complex proteome samples in 2D PAGE offering gel strips, large-format SDS gels and the unique HPE™ Tower System. All precast gels are manufactured in Heidelberg.Want to achieve best results in preparing buffers and gels? Use SERVA’s new range of „electrophoresis grade“ reagents, featuring performance-tested products.
When it comes to sensitive detection using fluorescent staining check out SERVA Lightning Red and SERVA Purple suited for 1D and 2D applications. Quantitative proteomics approaches are supported by the ICPL™ isotopic labelling technology. The „BlueLine“ series provides equipment for electrophoresis and laboratory use.
Collagenase and Neutral Protease
SERVA Collagenase NB qualities are particularly suitable for various tissue isolation applications. The application of pharmaceutical manufacturing standards at our partner Nordmark GmbH & Co KG (Uetersen/Germany) guarantees stringent quality control, reliable lot-to-lot consistency and excellent product performance. TSE safety of the fermentation product has been certified by the European authorithies, EDQM and by the supplier’s certificate of origins.
Life Sciences
The range of molecular biology grade reagents is well established. These reagents are guaranteed DNase and RNase free. The ready-to-use buffer solutions save you time and labor and guarantee best results. Only high quality, application proved reagents are used. The new Cyanase™ Nuclease is ideal for pre-PCR DNA clean-up. For cell culture applications SERVA offers the new range of amino acids “cell culture grade”.
SERVA has continuously extended its range of enzymes and enzyme inhibitors and substrates. More than 60 highly purified enzyme preparations and a variety of coenzymes, cofactors and nucleotides necessary to perform enzymatic assays are now available.
SERVA has been known for many years as a supplier of high-quality reagents for electron and light microscopy. The section “Microscopy” includes many reagents for fixation, dehydration, embedding, cutting, staining and contrasting.
Ion Exchange Media
SERVA is a well-known and established supplier of ion exchange media. We offer a complete range of DOWEX™ anion and cation exchange resins. SERVA’s SERDOLIT™ line includes mix-bed ion exchange, PAD adsorber and chelating resins. Ion exchangers are produced for technical purposes (practical grade), the analytical grade qualities are purified by SERVA’s proprietary method making them suitable for biochemical applications.