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Apsalagen Phone: +66-2613 8303
Managing Director Dr. Songpon Deechongkit
Email: songpon.dee@apsalagen.com
Phone: +668-5122-6641
Business Manager Ms. Wannarak Siraarparsate
Email: wannarak.sir@apsalagen.com
Phone: +66-2613 8303 Ext. 388
Website: www.apsalagen.com
Order Email: order@apsalagen.com
Phone: +66-2613 8303 Ext. 303
Technical support Apsalagen, biotechrabbit, Serva
Email: support@apsalagen.com
Phone: +66-838874964
Technical support Bruins, FluidX
Email: support@apsalagen.com
Phone: +66-865456160